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Hey! We’re looking is looking for a *Business Process Analyst *to join our team, helping create and deliver innovative applications via Tekever platforms.

As a Business Process Analyst, you’ll be responsible for c *reating and delivering new business applications on Tekever *platform that companies and people can use wherever they are doing their job, with the main focus on mobile workers and productivity increase. This said, we want you to always have the notion you'll be building stuff for other people, real people to use, not some cryptic-dark-room-no-one-will-ever-see-this project.

Most important: we’re looking only for great people, who are not only outstanding professionals, but also admirable human beings. We take pride in having a positive and assertive, no bullshit posture, with each one accountable for its own responsibilities but with everyone working hard together as a team focused on the success of everyone and the company. No bad mojo allowed here : )

If you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle this challenge and grow with it, and your gut tells you ’these guys sound cool’, apply for us. If not, sorry to have wasted you time, and please have a good life.

*You will:

  • Discover, study and detail our customer companies business processes & needs
  • Propose ideas for new applications or evolution of existing ones
  • Design, build and test new business applications in Tekever Designer Platform
  • Roll-out the new business applications to the market
  • Leverage the expertise and knowledge captured through the Designer tools to accelerate the delivery of the applications
  • Report progress to Product Manager in a timely and objective way
  • Progressively gain autonomy in your tasks
  • Do all this with quality, on-time and on-budget

*Main requirements:

  • Engineering or Business Management background (you do not have to be a Computer Science grad!)
  • Be a problem solver, with attention to details and oriented for results and closing tasks (for us 99% is 0%)
  • You must be the kind of people who thinks and designs before starting to hit the keyboard
  • Be a witty fellow, with a sharp and plastic mind, able of abstract thinking and quickly adapting to new problems and contexts
  • Knows how to write (yeah, with words and sentences, to be read and understood by other people)
  • Be curious, proactive and ambitious, and able to make compromises and commitments
  • Be a team player
  • Likes to systematise stuff, to avoid having extra repeated work
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken

*Nice to have:
Knowledge of Business Process Modelling and Design



  • Health Insurance
  • Working in a startup environment
  • Lots of professional space to grow around here