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Supply Network Operations (SNO) is the engine that accelerates value creation for P&G.; Getting thousands of different products onto the shelves in our customer’s stores in the right quantities, at the right time and with perfect quality really does present a new challenge every day! The SNO organization is there to meet this challenge, which requires a strong multifunctional work, interacting with other functions both internally and externally.

Summary of Job Responsibilities:
During your internship


in P&G;, you will:

  • Forecast customer demand
  • Manage information flows from orders, shipments and invoices
  • Work on the sales estimations for our products
  • Design the supply chain setups for new products
  • Manage logistical relations with a customer


The following conditions are needed in order to move the application forward on the process:
- Eligible for an internship

(just obtaining or having obtained a university degree with strong academic results)

Fluency in Portuguese and excellent ability to communicate in English
- Available for 9 months

Soft Skills

We are looking for candidates that can demonstrate the following skills:

  • are leaders who make things happen
  • analytical thinkers and problem solvers
  • excellent communicators
  • set priorities and follow through on commitments
  • work effectively with diverse groups of people
  • demonstrate creativity, innovation and initiative
  • have the passion to win

Sounds like you? Then, please apply online in English via the link below:

Logistics/Supply Network Operations

Primary Location


- Full-time